The Three Most Successful Neurology Companies In Region

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For using special positions

Special positions are: sticky_left, sticky_right, notice, tool_bottom. You can use them for any module type. For using this, please go to Module Manager and config your module to your desired position.

You can disable by:

  • Go to Administrator » Template Manager » Your_Template » Tab: Advanced » Use special positions » select: No for all special positions
  • Go to Administrator » Module magager » Your_Module (by postion: sticky_left/ stickey_right/ notice/tool_bottom) » Status: Unpublish for that module

For customize module in special position

The solution is using Module Class Suffix. You can customize button, module content follow Module Class Suffix

E.g. Module Class Suffix: bg-white @bullhorn then:
- Class of buttom is 'ico-bullhorn'. If without @... the default is 'icon-pushpin'
- Class of module is 'bg-white'

Template Settings


For each color, the params below will give default values
Blue Brown Green Pink Violet
Layout Style
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